Are you wondering what it’s like to work in IT? I am biased when I say this but it is actually quite awesome! I love working in the IT sector because it continues to be a growing industry. There are so many opportunities and once you have the basic knowledge of programming, you can practically do anything.

Why I work in IT

I have to admit that it was not the skill that attracted me to this industry in the first place. It was the opportunity to become a freelancer that appealed to me. I like the flexibility. As long as I have my laptop with me, I was able to secure projects to work on. But when I starting working on projects, I have to say that it was really something that I knew I can do for the rest of my life.So why did I become an iOS developer? Well, I love Apple products. Since I am a user, I figured this is the best niche for me. I understand what the users need and I can relate.  That places me in the best position to create the applications that users would enjoy.

The next question you are probably going to ask is how I became an iOS developer.

First of all, I knew I needed to learn the basics of programming. This included courses on C and Objective-C. I made sure I got a well-structured material to study. While there are online courses available, you need to do your research to ensure that this is something that will give you substantial information about programming.

Once I had the basics of programming down, I focused on learning Objective-C. Admittedly, this will seem like an alien language but this is what you need to be an iOS developer specifically. We all know how exclusive iOS applications can be. It is not surprising that the language to write the programmes is the same.

After learning Objective-C, it was now time to learn iOS development. I was able to create a couple of apps while going through this study. It was a great way to start practising how to create programmes.

The key is to keep on practising actually. After that, I collaborated with other developers to get projects. I was able to find a client through outsourcing websites but I found that networking with other developers got be projects faster. Not only that, you can learn from them. You might even find one developer that can be your mentor.

Qualities you need in the IT industry

The thing about working in the IT industry is that you have to possess certain qualities. As much as I love this line of work, I have to admit that it is not for everyone. It is not enough that you have the certificate or degree to make you qualified for the job. You need to possess the right personality to really fall in love with this job.

First things first – what will people expect from you?

You need to be good at problem-solving. This is actually the core skill that you need as an IT professional. We create programmes and applications to solve a problem or to improve something.To be a good problem solver, you need critical thinking skills too. This allows you to dissect problems so you can identify the right solution. Take note that if you want to work in IT, it is not enough that you can solve the problem. You need to be able to find the perfect solution.

Another important quality is having a great work ethic. Self-discipline is a big part of this. I oftentimes find myself working long hours for a project and the output is something that seems insignificant to others. You have to know that a simple part of the system sometimes takes a long time to create. You should also have the initiative to continue learning. Technology is constantly updating and you need to keep pace with that.

There are also times when you have a lot of things to do, and then times when there are no projects. That is what you should expect if you really want to work in IT.