Jogging is quite beneficial – especially in my line of work. It gives my body the movement that it needs after sitting for quite some time in front of the computer.

I read somewhere that we are not meant to be still. Our body is made to move all the time. Unfortunately, the digital age and all the advancements in technology have made everything convenient for us. Think about it. Instead of going to the store to buy something, we can order online and have it delivered. Instead of cooking our meals, we can order takeout.

Why I need jogging as a freelancer

As a freelancer, I know that I need jogging to allow my body to be active. The truth is, sitting is okay – but only if it is done for a brief period of time. But when you spend 8 hours sitting each day – that is when it is dangerous.

Since I am a freelance iOS developer, I spend a lot of time sitting in front of my laptop. As I mentioned in one of my posts, I usually sit for 3 hours straight working on my laptop before I take a break. Even if I walk around the house or do my chores, that is not enough. I need to do something more intensive than that.Study reveals that I need to walk at least 10,00 steps a day. Otherwise, my risk of getting diabetes, heart ailments, or becoming obese will be higher. I don’t want that to happen. Sitting for a long time will slow our metabolism. It affects our ability to regulate our blood sugar and blood pressure. It also keeps us from breaking down the fat in our body.

Experts reveal that you should either lessen the time spent sitting or increase the time spent moving. Since my time sitting cannot be lessened, I have no choice but to spend more time doing activities and exercising.

That is why I try to jog on a daily basis. The 30 minutes that I spend in the morning is not really enough – that is why I spend some time at the gym too. At least, I go three times a week.

Why jogging is beneficial

So why is jogging beneficial?

First of all, it helps build strong bones in your body. After all, you are carrying your weight as your jog. It also strengthens your muscles as you move your legs.This is also a great exercise for your heart. While you are jogging, the effort you put into the activity pumps the blood into your veins and increases your heart rate. Since you are not really running, the strain to your heart is not too great – just enough to give it a good exercise.

Apart from my morning jog and gym sessions, I also make sure that I follow a healthier diet. I mentioned in one of my posts that I cook my own meals. I pass by the market whenever I jog. I usually buy fresh produce from there. All of these efforts help me maintain my weight – which is great.