Now let me tell you about our crazy weekend going on a night out in London. I think I mentioned in a previous post that my friends and I were planning to go away for a weekend to unwind. Well, we decided to go through with it and we have chosen the city of London!

Let me tell all about it.

Spending the weekend in London

Although I am back to square one in my effort to save up for my own set of weights, I do not regret using the money to fund that weekend in London. It was worth every penny.

So we left Brighton around 6 in the morning and we were ready for a fun-filled day in London! We took the train from Brighton to London and got to our destination a little past 7 in the morning. By 7:30, we were walking around the city looking for a place to grab some breakfast.

After breakfast, we were charged up and ready to explore the city! Of course, we started with the main sights in London. We headed to towards the River Thames to board the London Eye. We also walked along the River Thames to do some spectacular sightseeing. It was awesome!

We practically went through a lot of the popular attractions along the River Thames – trying to get as many memories as we can I guess.

We grabbed a late lunch at the Borough Market. This is one of the oldest food markets in the city and the selections will make your mouth water! We lounged for a bit after a tiring morning of walking. Just talking about what we will do next. That was when we decided to surprise a friend living near Westfield Stratford City.

So we called him up and fortunately, he had nothing to do for the weekend. He agreed to meet us at Victoria Park. We spent most of the afternoon here, just relaxing and catching up. I asked him about what life was like in London. I am still undecided if I wanted to move to this city to find some office work. He said it was awesome living here – just a bit expensive.

Best bars in London

After that well-spent afternoon at Victoria Park, our friend invited us to his flat to freshen up. He was going to go on a night out in London! He said he will bring us to his favourite pubs in the area.

At first, we went to the Tap East. My friend loved to hang out here – mainly because he fancied one of the servers. It actually turned out great because we got a couple of freebies. I could really tell it was going to be an eventful night for everyone. After some time, we decided to transfer to The Bat and Ball. It is a cool pub that has a couple of ping pong tables. It was very busy when we came – it was a Saturday night after all. But we were able to secure a ping pong table to ourselves. It was a lot of fun goofing off while drinking craft beer and playing games. We made friends with the group from the other table and ended up having a tournament.

We won that friendly tournament and it gained us some money. When we learned that there was a casino nearby, we knew what we wanted to do with the prize that we just won.

Going to a casino in London

The Aspers Casino is actually one of the main attractions in this place. If you want to have the best night out in London, you have to head out to one of the many casinos in the city.

Having won the impromptu tournament earlier, we found ourselves with some money to spare. So we headed out to the casino to spend the rest of the night there.

The venue was huge. It was a bonus that there was no guest or entrance fee. It was also good that we were not wearing shorts or anything that night. The dress code was smart casual so we fit right in. We split the money we won and went on our separate ways. I decided to go to the slot machines. I was having a lucky streak that night. I won some prize money that night and it was a great way to end what had been a very long day. It looks like I don’t have to save for that gym equipment after all!

My friends also had some luck at the slots so we decided to treat ourselves to the Sky Bar. By 1 am, we were lounging at the Sky Bar that overlooks the cityscape of the London. We ended the night at around 4 in the morning.

Sunday sightseeing

Our friend was kind enough to offer his flat for us to crash into. Most of us slept on the floor but we didn’t mind. We were ready to sleep anywhere! We slept most of the morning and only got up because we were hungry. It was an awesome way to end this weekend in London.

After grabbing some quick lunch, we planned to do some sightseeing. We only got to one museum before we decided to just hang out. We had a really eventful Saturday and we were still pretty tired. By late afternoon, we had to grab a train to go back to Brighton.

I still can’t believe that awesome night out in London. That was definitely the highlight of our trip.