I have been very vocal about my intentions to find a steady job. Do not get me wrong. I love my life as a freelancer. It pays the bills and it allows me to work with so much flexibility.

However, I think I need to consider the fact that I need a more stable source of income in my life.

My life as a freelancer

Ever since I got my degree, I have been working as a freelancer. I have never been employed. It is not like I was not able to find a job. I never really searched for a regular employment. When I became a programmer, I immediately sought to get the certification and training that I needed to become an iOS developer.I was lucky enough to land a project early into my career. This opened doors for me to get one project after the other. However, I have been thinking that maybe it is about time that I try to get a steady job. I am already in my late 20s and finding employment might become harder when I reach my 30s.

Difference between a freelancing and steady job

But what exactly is the difference between a freelancing and steady job?

When you are a freelancer, you basically have a lot of freedom. You can be flexible when it comes to your work hours. If your monthly finances require you to put in 40 hours of work each week, you can simply work 4 days with 10 hours each and then have a three-day weekend. You also have the freedom to choose projects that appeal to you. And of course, you get to be spared from the usual office politics.

On the other hand, there is also a huge responsibility on your shoulders. You do not have benefits. When you are sick and unable to work, you do not get paid. The lack of community might also come as a shock to extroverts. The income can also be unpredictable. Not only that, you only have yourself to rely on when it comes to motivation to complete a project, look for new clients, and to ensure that you are financially secure. Of course, that is easier said than done.

Now, what can I say about a steady job? The main benefit of being a regular employee is that the company will provide the health insurance and paid vacation and sick leaves. There are also companies that help with retirement contributions. The income will generally be the same – so managing finances become easier. Not only that, you get to belong to a social group because of the other people in the office.

Of course, everything is not perfect. You need to adhere to the rules of the company when it comes to when you have to be in the office. You also have to deal with office politics – which can oftentimes be very frustrating and disappointing. It is also the company or your superior who will dictate what you need to do.

Why I am leaning towards a steady job

Given all of these, it seems that I should continue being a freelancer, right? However, I have to be honest that I am still leaning towards getting a steady job.

As mentioned, I haven’t been employed in the past. It might seem shallow but I feel that it is important for me to experience what it is like to become a regular employee. I believe that there are work ethics that I need to learn and these can only be honed when I am employed by a company.

Not only that, my age might become a problem. If I do not do it now, I might end up having a more difficult time finding work because of my age. So while I am still in my twenties, I think I really need to take this step in my career.

I also have to be honest that I need the financial stability. I am starting to realize that by the age of 30, I want to cross out a couple of my financial goals. That means I need to aggressively save and invest my money. It is hard to do that because my income as a freelancer is irregular. But if I get a steady job, I can plan and manage my finances well.

I think I know what I have to do now. I will keep you posted!

Wish me luck!