Did you hear about the recent Windows attacks? That is the downside to living in the digital age.

Thanks to technology, everything is very convenient. We can do a lot of transactions online. It is no longer limited to communicating with others. There are several transactions made possible because everything has gone digital. We can pay our bills, buy various products, and even store various information. We do not have to go anywhere to complete most of our tasks. All we need is our trusty laptop and an Internet connection for everything to be accomplished.

Of course, all of these transactions require us to input confidential and sensitive information about ourselves. It is this information that gives us the power to transact online. And it is this information that cyber criminals want to get from you.

About the latest Windows attacks

We can all assume that Windows attacks in the past, and those in the future, are all intended to get valuable information from consumers. Take for instance the attack last May.

According to reports, the US National Security Agency (NSA) had a secret backdoor to Windows. The agency calls it, “eternal blue”. It is a hacking tool that is used by US spies. And now, hackers have taken that and have weaponised it. These hackers exploited this tool to improve a ransomware called WannaCry. This can spread through the file-sharing protocols that Microsoft have set up across the organisations.

This ransomware will lock your computer screen and will require you to pay in Bitcoins to get back access to your computer. According to reports, more than 57,000 users all over the world are affected by this ransomware.

To address this issue, Microsoft immediately issued updates so users can be protected. However, they failed to send updates to the older versions – most of which are still vulnerable to be infected by this cyber attack.

Thankfully, Microsoft acted on it and have sent another update that this time, can protect even the older versions of Windows.

What can you do to protect against future Windows attacks

These types of Windows attacks are actually very scary. You should know that there are new viruses and malware being created – all of them more sophisticated and destructive than others. The most that Microsoft can do is to be updated of these new creations so they can create the updates that will keep their users from being vulnerable to these attacks. The same goes out to all the other tech giants out there.

Of course, the effort is not solely in the hands of Microsoft. You should do something to protect yourself as well. Do not worry because you do not have to be a tech genius to accomplish this.

First of all, you need to get a reliable antivirus software. Microsoft has a free software that you can use. This software will alert you if you are in danger of being infected with a virus or a malware. It will also help isolate that virus in case it is already in the system.

Another thing that you can do is to keep your Windows updated. Microsoft will send updates every now and then to improve the program and to help protect it against new cyber threats. You need to read the information about the update before you agree to the terms. Once you are sure that it is really from Microsoft, you should install the update.

If you are a Microsoft user, make sure you are protected against future Windows attacks.