I am going on a vacation! You can tell I am pretty excited right? Well, I am! My friends and I have been planning this holiday since we got back from that crazy London weekend. We thought that weekend was not enough to unwind. So we are planning a longer one this time.

Planning the trip

All of this actually started from the money we won in the casino we visited in London. We were discussing how we will use the money leftover from the trip. We all had a lucky streak that weekend and we are stilling reeling from the good fortune we had.

What better way to spend that windfall money by going on another holiday right?

Of course, it poses additional problems for me. After all, I am a freelancer. A week-long vacation means no work for me. I usually work 40 hours a week. I need to re-do my schedule to make sure my income will not be compromised. So what can I do about it?Since the vacation will be a month away, I will probably just work extra hours during the weeks leading up to the holiday. I still have four weeks. I usually work 8 hours a day. I can add another hour of work each day. That means I will get 5 additional hours each week – which is 20 hours in a month.

That means I still have another 20 hours to think about. I could probably work 4 hours each day while we are on our holiday. I could do it at night while everyone is sleeping. Or I can work and extra 5 hours every Saturday for the next 4 weeks. We will see. If I feel like working this Saturday, I can probably do it so I really do not have to work while we are on vacation.

That seems like a good plan.

Where do we plan to go?

My friends decided to assign the itinerary to me – probably since I spend most of my time online anyway. To appreciate the landscape of Southern France, we decided to go on a road trip. So here are the places that I have decided we can visit.


We will take a plane to Paris and then take a train to Montpellier first. We will be booking an early trip so we will arrive in Paris in the morning. The trip to the capital of the Languedoc region will take 3.5 hours by train. We will arrive in Montpellier around lunchtime. After eating, we can get a rental car and start our road trip from there.


From Montpellier, we will head west to Aigues-Mortes. This is a walled city that has foundations that are believed to go back to the first millennium. Believe it or not, this is a real and functioning town and it is not in ruins. We definitely have to go to this place. We can spend the night here – but I need to ask the guys about it.


We can leave the walled city the next day and drive through the wetlands of Camargue. I read that there are wild white horses here and flamingoes too. There are also vineyards that we can visit but I have to do more research about the specific ones we can go to.

Aix-en Provence

Our next stop is Aix-en Provence. There are many things to do here so I will tell the group that we should stay for a day. They have the Cathedral of the Holy Savior, the Hotel de Ville, and the Cours Mirabeau. Or we can only stay for a short time since the next stop is a lot more interesting.


This is where I plan to stay for a long time – at least a day. This is the City of Culture after all. This ancient mosaic city has 30,000 years worth of history and culture. The art scene is quite remarkable. I could get a couple of ideas and inspiration for some of the apps that I am working on.


The next part of the trip will be Cannes. We just have to go to one of the famous beaches in this place. I think the guys would want to explore this and probably do some watersports. I’m not going to set a timeline for this place. I think this is worth a day or two.


Our last stop is Nice. We will visit one of the many outdoor bars and restaurants. We will also visit the beach scene. I read something nice about the Colline du Chateau. We can head out there too if we have the time.

Going back, I plan to go along the mountainous roads to Monaco. I haven’t gone that far in my research. I think I need to consult with the guys first.

This will be quite an exciting vacation – I could really tell!