Vacation Is Coming!

I am going on a vacation! You can tell I am pretty excited right? Well, I am! My friends and I have been planning this holiday since we got back from that crazy London weekend. We thought that weekend was not enough to unwind. So we are planning a longer one this time.

Planning the trip

All of this actually started from the money we won in the casino we visited in London. We were discussing how we will use the money leftover from the trip. We all had a lucky streak that weekend and we are stilling reeling from the good fortune we had.

What better way to spend that windfall money by going on another holiday right?

Of course, it poses additional problems for me. After all, I am a freelancer. A week-long vacation means no work for me. I usually work 40 hours a week. I need to re-do my schedule to make sure my income will not be compromised. So what can I do about it?Since the vacation will be a month away, I will probably just work extra hours during the weeks leading up to the holiday. I still have four weeks. I usually work 8 hours a day. I can add another hour of work each day. That means I will get 5 additional hours each week – which is 20 hours in a month.

That means I still have another 20 hours to think about. I could probably work 4 hours each day while we are on our holiday. I could do it at night while everyone is sleeping. Or I can work and extra 5 hours every Saturday for the next 4 weeks. We will see. If I feel like working this Saturday, I can probably do it so I really do not have to work while we are on vacation.

That seems like a good plan.

Where do we plan to go?

My friends decided to assign the itinerary to me – probably since I spend most of my time online anyway. To appreciate the landscape of Southern France, we decided to go on a road trip. So here are the places that I have decided we can visit.


We will take a plane to Paris and then take a train to Montpellier first. We will be booking an early trip so we will arrive in Paris in the morning. The trip to the capital of the Languedoc region will take 3.5 hours by train. We will arrive in Montpellier around lunchtime. After eating, we can get a rental car and start our road trip from there.


From Montpellier, we will head west to Aigues-Mortes. This is a walled city that has foundations that are believed to go back to the first millennium. Believe it or not, this is a real and functioning town and it is not in ruins. We definitely have to go to this place. We can spend the night here – but I need to ask the guys about it.


We can leave the walled city the next day and drive through the wetlands of Camargue. I read that there are wild white horses here and flamingoes too. There are also vineyards that we can visit but I have to do more research about the specific ones we can go to.

Aix-en Provence

Our next stop is Aix-en Provence. There are many things to do here so I will tell the group that we should stay for a day. They have the Cathedral of the Holy Savior, the Hotel de Ville, and the Cours Mirabeau. Or we can only stay for a short time since the next stop is a lot more interesting.


This is where I plan to stay for a long time – at least a day. This is the City of Culture after all. This ancient mosaic city has 30,000 years worth of history and culture. The art scene is quite remarkable. I could get a couple of ideas and inspiration for some of the apps that I am working on.


The next part of the trip will be Cannes. We just have to go to one of the famous beaches in this place. I think the guys would want to explore this and probably do some watersports. I’m not going to set a timeline for this place. I think this is worth a day or two.


Our last stop is Nice. We will visit one of the many outdoor bars and restaurants. We will also visit the beach scene. I read something nice about the Colline du Chateau. We can head out there too if we have the time.

Going back, I plan to go along the mountainous roads to Monaco. I haven’t gone that far in my research. I think I need to consult with the guys first.

This will be quite an exciting vacation – I could really tell!


How Do We Prevent More Windows Attacks?

Did you hear about the recent Windows attacks? That is the downside to living in the digital age.

Thanks to technology, everything is very convenient. We can do a lot of transactions online. It is no longer limited to communicating with others. There are several transactions made possible because everything has gone digital. We can pay our bills, buy various products, and even store various information. We do not have to go anywhere to complete most of our tasks. All we need is our trusty laptop and an Internet connection for everything to be accomplished.

Of course, all of these transactions require us to input confidential and sensitive information about ourselves. It is this information that gives us the power to transact online. And it is this information that cyber criminals want to get from you.

About the latest Windows attacks

We can all assume that Windows attacks in the past, and those in the future, are all intended to get valuable information from consumers. Take for instance the attack last May.

According to reports, the US National Security Agency (NSA) had a secret backdoor to Windows. The agency calls it, “eternal blue”. It is a hacking tool that is used by US spies. And now, hackers have taken that and have weaponised it. These hackers exploited this tool to improve a ransomware called WannaCry. This can spread through the file-sharing protocols that Microsoft have set up across the organisations.

This ransomware will lock your computer screen and will require you to pay in Bitcoins to get back access to your computer. According to reports, more than 57,000 users all over the world are affected by this ransomware.

To address this issue, Microsoft immediately issued updates so users can be protected. However, they failed to send updates to the older versions – most of which are still vulnerable to be infected by this cyber attack.

Thankfully, Microsoft acted on it and have sent another update that this time, can protect even the older versions of Windows.

What can you do to protect against future Windows attacks

These types of Windows attacks are actually very scary. You should know that there are new viruses and malware being created – all of them more sophisticated and destructive than others. The most that Microsoft can do is to be updated of these new creations so they can create the updates that will keep their users from being vulnerable to these attacks. The same goes out to all the other tech giants out there.

Of course, the effort is not solely in the hands of Microsoft. You should do something to protect yourself as well. Do not worry because you do not have to be a tech genius to accomplish this.

First of all, you need to get a reliable antivirus software. Microsoft has a free software that you can use. This software will alert you if you are in danger of being infected with a virus or a malware. It will also help isolate that virus in case it is already in the system.

Another thing that you can do is to keep your Windows updated. Microsoft will send updates every now and then to improve the program and to help protect it against new cyber threats. You need to read the information about the update before you agree to the terms. Once you are sure that it is really from Microsoft, you should install the update.

If you are a Microsoft user, make sure you are protected against future Windows attacks.


Looking For A Steady Job…

I have been very vocal about my intentions to find a steady job. Do not get me wrong. I love my life as a freelancer. It pays the bills and it allows me to work with so much flexibility.

However, I think I need to consider the fact that I need a more stable source of income in my life.

My life as a freelancer

Ever since I got my degree, I have been working as a freelancer. I have never been employed. It is not like I was not able to find a job. I never really searched for a regular employment. When I became a programmer, I immediately sought to get the certification and training that I needed to become an iOS developer.I was lucky enough to land a project early into my career. This opened doors for me to get one project after the other. However, I have been thinking that maybe it is about time that I try to get a steady job. I am already in my late 20s and finding employment might become harder when I reach my 30s.

Difference between a freelancing and steady job

But what exactly is the difference between a freelancing and steady job?

When you are a freelancer, you basically have a lot of freedom. You can be flexible when it comes to your work hours. If your monthly finances require you to put in 40 hours of work each week, you can simply work 4 days with 10 hours each and then have a three-day weekend. You also have the freedom to choose projects that appeal to you. And of course, you get to be spared from the usual office politics.

On the other hand, there is also a huge responsibility on your shoulders. You do not have benefits. When you are sick and unable to work, you do not get paid. The lack of community might also come as a shock to extroverts. The income can also be unpredictable. Not only that, you only have yourself to rely on when it comes to motivation to complete a project, look for new clients, and to ensure that you are financially secure. Of course, that is easier said than done.

Now, what can I say about a steady job? The main benefit of being a regular employee is that the company will provide the health insurance and paid vacation and sick leaves. There are also companies that help with retirement contributions. The income will generally be the same – so managing finances become easier. Not only that, you get to belong to a social group because of the other people in the office.

Of course, everything is not perfect. You need to adhere to the rules of the company when it comes to when you have to be in the office. You also have to deal with office politics – which can oftentimes be very frustrating and disappointing. It is also the company or your superior who will dictate what you need to do.

Why I am leaning towards a steady job

Given all of these, it seems that I should continue being a freelancer, right? However, I have to be honest that I am still leaning towards getting a steady job.

As mentioned, I haven’t been employed in the past. It might seem shallow but I feel that it is important for me to experience what it is like to become a regular employee. I believe that there are work ethics that I need to learn and these can only be honed when I am employed by a company.

Not only that, my age might become a problem. If I do not do it now, I might end up having a more difficult time finding work because of my age. So while I am still in my twenties, I think I really need to take this step in my career.

I also have to be honest that I need the financial stability. I am starting to realize that by the age of 30, I want to cross out a couple of my financial goals. That means I need to aggressively save and invest my money. It is hard to do that because my income as a freelancer is irregular. But if I get a steady job, I can plan and manage my finances well.

I think I know what I have to do now. I will keep you posted!

Wish me luck!


Night Out In London!

Now let me tell you about our crazy weekend going on a night out in London. I think I mentioned in a previous post that my friends and I were planning to go away for a weekend to unwind. Well, we decided to go through with it and we have chosen the city of London!

Let me tell all about it.

Spending the weekend in London

Although I am back to square one in my effort to save up for my own set of weights, I do not regret using the money to fund that weekend in London. It was worth every penny.

So we left Brighton around 6 in the morning and we were ready for a fun-filled day in London! We took the train from Brighton to London and got to our destination a little past 7 in the morning. By 7:30, we were walking around the city looking for a place to grab some breakfast.

After breakfast, we were charged up and ready to explore the city! Of course, we started with the main sights in London. We headed to towards the River Thames to board the London Eye. We also walked along the River Thames to do some spectacular sightseeing. It was awesome!

We practically went through a lot of the popular attractions along the River Thames – trying to get as many memories as we can I guess.

We grabbed a late lunch at the Borough Market. This is one of the oldest food markets in the city and the selections will make your mouth water! We lounged for a bit after a tiring morning of walking. Just talking about what we will do next. That was when we decided to surprise a friend living near Westfield Stratford City.

So we called him up and fortunately, he had nothing to do for the weekend. He agreed to meet us at Victoria Park. We spent most of the afternoon here, just relaxing and catching up. I asked him about what life was like in London. I am still undecided if I wanted to move to this city to find some office work. He said it was awesome living here – just a bit expensive.

Best bars in London

After that well-spent afternoon at Victoria Park, our friend invited us to his flat to freshen up. He was going to go on a night out in London! He said he will bring us to his favourite pubs in the area.

At first, we went to the Tap East. My friend loved to hang out here – mainly because he fancied one of the servers. It actually turned out great because we got a couple of freebies. I could really tell it was going to be an eventful night for everyone. After some time, we decided to transfer to The Bat and Ball. It is a cool pub that has a couple of ping pong tables. It was very busy when we came – it was a Saturday night after all. But we were able to secure a ping pong table to ourselves. It was a lot of fun goofing off while drinking craft beer and playing games. We made friends with the group from the other table and ended up having a tournament.

We won that friendly tournament and it gained us some money. When we learned that there was a casino nearby, we knew what we wanted to do with the prize that we just won.

Going to a casino in London

The Aspers Casino is actually one of the main attractions in this place. If you want to have the best night out in London, you have to head out to one of the many casinos in the city.

Having won the impromptu tournament earlier, we found ourselves with some money to spare. So we headed out to the casino to spend the rest of the night there.

The venue was huge. It was a bonus that there was no guest or entrance fee. It was also good that we were not wearing shorts or anything that night. The dress code was smart casual so we fit right in. We split the money we won and went on our separate ways. I decided to go to the slot machines. I was having a lucky streak that night. I won some prize money that night and it was a great way to end what had been a very long day. It looks like I don’t have to save for that gym equipment after all!

My friends also had some luck at the slots so we decided to treat ourselves to the Sky Bar. By 1 am, we were lounging at the Sky Bar that overlooks the cityscape of the London. We ended the night at around 4 in the morning.

Sunday sightseeing

Our friend was kind enough to offer his flat for us to crash into. Most of us slept on the floor but we didn’t mind. We were ready to sleep anywhere! We slept most of the morning and only got up because we were hungry. It was an awesome way to end this weekend in London.

After grabbing some quick lunch, we planned to do some sightseeing. We only got to one museum before we decided to just hang out. We had a really eventful Saturday and we were still pretty tired. By late afternoon, we had to grab a train to go back to Brighton.

I still can’t believe that awesome night out in London. That was definitely the highlight of our trip.


Why Jogging?

Jogging is quite beneficial – especially in my line of work. It gives my body the movement that it needs after sitting for quite some time in front of the computer.

I read somewhere that we are not meant to be still. Our body is made to move all the time. Unfortunately, the digital age and all the advancements in technology have made everything convenient for us. Think about it. Instead of going to the store to buy something, we can order online and have it delivered. Instead of cooking our meals, we can order takeout.

Why I need jogging as a freelancer

As a freelancer, I know that I need jogging to allow my body to be active. The truth is, sitting is okay – but only if it is done for a brief period of time. But when you spend 8 hours sitting each day – that is when it is dangerous.

Since I am a freelance iOS developer, I spend a lot of time sitting in front of my laptop. As I mentioned in one of my posts, I usually sit for 3 hours straight working on my laptop before I take a break. Even if I walk around the house or do my chores, that is not enough. I need to do something more intensive than that.Study reveals that I need to walk at least 10,00 steps a day. Otherwise, my risk of getting diabetes, heart ailments, or becoming obese will be higher. I don’t want that to happen. Sitting for a long time will slow our metabolism. It affects our ability to regulate our blood sugar and blood pressure. It also keeps us from breaking down the fat in our body.

Experts reveal that you should either lessen the time spent sitting or increase the time spent moving. Since my time sitting cannot be lessened, I have no choice but to spend more time doing activities and exercising.

That is why I try to jog on a daily basis. The 30 minutes that I spend in the morning is not really enough – that is why I spend some time at the gym too. At least, I go three times a week.

Why jogging is beneficial

So why is jogging beneficial?

First of all, it helps build strong bones in your body. After all, you are carrying your weight as your jog. It also strengthens your muscles as you move your legs.This is also a great exercise for your heart. While you are jogging, the effort you put into the activity pumps the blood into your veins and increases your heart rate. Since you are not really running, the strain to your heart is not too great – just enough to give it a good exercise.

Apart from my morning jog and gym sessions, I also make sure that I follow a healthier diet. I mentioned in one of my posts that I cook my own meals. I pass by the market whenever I jog. I usually buy fresh produce from there. All of these efforts help me maintain my weight – which is great.


A Day In The Life Of Freelance iOS Developer

Hey there!

You are probably wondering what the life of a freelance iOS developer is like. Well, let me give you an idea. It may be nothing special for some people but I try to fill it with activities that I am passionate about.

Starting the day as a freelance iOS developer

My day usually starts early – around 8 in the morning. I am not a morning person so you usually cannot make me get up earlier. I can wake up at 7 if I have to. But since I get to have a more flexible schedule, I choose to wake up a bit later.

So what do I do after waking up? I usually prepare my breakfast smoothie. That is all I drink before heading out for my morning jog. By 8:15, I am usually out the door. I run for 30 minutes max. That is a combination of brisk walking, jogging, and stretching in the end. I find that this helps clear my mind so it is ready to tackle the usual workload of a freelance iOS developer.

My route passes by the market so I stop for a while to buy some fruits and vegetables. I like to cook my meals from scratch – at least since I made a commitment to live a healthier lifestyle.

I walk from the market so that helps me relax. It is a good 5 minutes from where I live. By the time I get home, I just rest for 5 minutes before I take a quick shower. I am now ready to start my work!

Typical work schedule for a freelance iOS developer

As you may have guessed, work as a freelance iOS developer starts at around 9 in the morning. Before starting, I usually fix myself a cup of coffee. I still need my caffeine fix every day. I can concentrate on work for 3 hours before I need to take a break. I take an hour away from the screen. I prepare my lunch, eat it, and then just lounge around the house. When I feel like it, I usually, grab my laptop and head outside to work in a cafe or something.My afternoon work begins at 1 in the afternoon and lasts until around 4. I take a 30-minute break before I work between 4:30 to 6:30 in the evening. That is usually the end of my work day.

I try to be disciplined about my work hours. I try to squeeze between 6 to 8 hours of work each day. It really depends on how many projects I am currently working on. The outsourcing platform that I am currently working with keeps a constant stream of clients that keeps me occupied day in and day out.

As much as I love freelancing, it is still not as stable as I would hope. Although I usually meet my work quota for the month (meaning I have enough to pay the bills), the financial security is a bit lacking. Not only that, I don’t have any benefits. That is why I am still considering getting an office job. But we’ll see what the future holds for me.

Ending my day

When my work ends at 6:30 in the evening, I am free to do what I want. I usually have three options.

The first is going out with my friends. We grab some dinner and then hang out in our favourite pub. When I don’t feel like it, I just stay at home. I usually fix myself some dinner, watch some TV, and relax all night.

There are also nights when I go to the gym to lift some weights. I am actually thinking about buying my own set so I don’t have to go out. I have been saving up for it for some time now but my friends and I are talking about going away for a weekend. We haven’t decided where we want to go. If that pushes through, I might use the money I am saving up for that.

Anyway, my day ends around 11 midnight. I get into bed but I usually fall asleep at midnight – sometimes later.

There you go. That is a day in the life of a freelance iOS developer.

What do you think?


What It’s Really Like To Work In IT?

Are you wondering what it’s like to work in IT? I am biased when I say this but it is actually quite awesome! I love working in the IT sector because it continues to be a growing industry. There are so many opportunities and once you have the basic knowledge of programming, you can practically do anything.

Why I work in IT

I have to admit that it was not the skill that attracted me to this industry in the first place. It was the opportunity to become a freelancer that appealed to me. I like the flexibility. As long as I have my laptop with me, I was able to secure projects to work on. But when I starting working on projects, I have to say that it was really something that I knew I can do for the rest of my life.So why did I become an iOS developer? Well, I love Apple products. Since I am a user, I figured this is the best niche for me. I understand what the users need and I can relate.  That places me in the best position to create the applications that users would enjoy.

The next question you are probably going to ask is how I became an iOS developer.

First of all, I knew I needed to learn the basics of programming. This included courses on C and Objective-C. I made sure I got a well-structured material to study. While there are online courses available, you need to do your research to ensure that this is something that will give you substantial information about programming.

Once I had the basics of programming down, I focused on learning Objective-C. Admittedly, this will seem like an alien language but this is what you need to be an iOS developer specifically. We all know how exclusive iOS applications can be. It is not surprising that the language to write the programmes is the same.

After learning Objective-C, it was now time to learn iOS development. I was able to create a couple of apps while going through this study. It was a great way to start practising how to create programmes.

The key is to keep on practising actually. After that, I collaborated with other developers to get projects. I was able to find a client through outsourcing websites but I found that networking with other developers got be projects faster. Not only that, you can learn from them. You might even find one developer that can be your mentor.

Qualities you need in the IT industry

The thing about working in the IT industry is that you have to possess certain qualities. As much as I love this line of work, I have to admit that it is not for everyone. It is not enough that you have the certificate or degree to make you qualified for the job. You need to possess the right personality to really fall in love with this job.

First things first – what will people expect from you?

You need to be good at problem-solving. This is actually the core skill that you need as an IT professional. We create programmes and applications to solve a problem or to improve something.To be a good problem solver, you need critical thinking skills too. This allows you to dissect problems so you can identify the right solution. Take note that if you want to work in IT, it is not enough that you can solve the problem. You need to be able to find the perfect solution.

Another important quality is having a great work ethic. Self-discipline is a big part of this. I oftentimes find myself working long hours for a project and the output is something that seems insignificant to others. You have to know that a simple part of the system sometimes takes a long time to create. You should also have the initiative to continue learning. Technology is constantly updating and you need to keep pace with that.

There are also times when you have a lot of things to do, and then times when there are no projects. That is what you should expect if you really want to work in IT.